"Red Flowers"

Classic red flowers. I fell in love with these flowers. Taken at UC Berkeley Botanical Garden.

"Train Tracks"

Taken at the San Diego train station - Solana Beach. I love the train station. Old school. The symmetry. Classic.

"White Flowers With A Tinge of Pink"

A beautiful mixture. Taken in Berkeley's Rose Garden.

"Yellow Flowers"

Flowers are so beautiful. Need I say more? Taken in Berkeley's Rose Garden.


Do you like spicy food? I do! This was taken in my father's garden.


This was taken at Birch Aquarium. Jellies are not so smart. Why? Well for one they have no brain! Beautiful creatures, but not so smart. Hm... reminds me of people sometimes...


Some people think graffiti is a pest to society, I personally believe it's a beautiful artwork. This was taken at UC San Diego - the art building. A creative environment lets minds expand.


This was taken in my father's garden. Yes we planted corn. No I do not live on a farm.

"Blue-Purple Surviving Flower"

In my father's garden. Looks are deceiving. The flower is beautiful but there weren't that many flowers that actually bloomed. This one of one of the survivors.

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