Digital Art

"Reppin' Jinko"

A visual representation of my nickname. Do you think this picture expresses my personality? Hm... I didn't think so either...


This artwork is dedicated to all those who laugh about artists trying to drawing a perfect box. Laugh now, but it is not as easy as it seems! As you can see, this is an example of an imperfect cube. I tried for around three hours and still only failure came my way. May this be a lesson to those who make fun of artists. What we do may seem simple, but in the end it really is not.

"Lightning Love"

Is it just me or does love and lightning go hand in hand?


Have you ever seen the anime Toradora? Well this is my drawing of Taiga. I absolutely adore her and her personality. She is a tough girl on the exterior but on the inside is much more gentle.

"The Evil Teddy Bear"

Bears are usually depicted as cute and cuddly. However in real life that's not necessarily true. I think this is a more accurate drawing of how teddy bears should look like. Yes?

"The Most Boring J Flower Pattern Print"

Does the print look familiar? Yeah, a lot of people do these flower print patterns. So I thought "Hey, why not do it myself?" And so I did. The flowers are made out of the letter "J".

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