Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hm so this is a skirt I hand sewed some time ago. I think like a month ago. It took me forever. One - because I’ve never sewn a skirt. Two - I didn’t use blocks or those nifty tricks. Three - no sewing machine because it was broken (now it’s fixed! - now I just have to figure out how to use it… now that’s going to be a challenge…). Four - getting pricked by a needle hurts like no other. Five - I get lazy. Eh so the lining doesn’t look so hot and it’s a bit crooked (okay fine I admit it - it’s really crooked and the lining looks like vomit) but from far away you can’t tell (as much). [; However, on the hanger and the close up photos show all the mistakes. I could hide all of them in the photos but what good would that be? I’d rather not lie to myself. Oh well, practice makes perfect. Or well close to perfect. Bleh, perfection = impossible and vair boring. That is all for now.

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