Friday, August 20, 2010

Technology, why are you being so difficult?!

So today I thought I'd talk about my broken xbox. It's been quite a while since it's been broken. Almost a year now (I think?). So one day (way long ago in the past) I had the urged to play some games (Halo I - if you are curious). I was playing the snow level (on easy - because I'm actually really bad at video games) (oh and the snow level is my favorite level in Halo I) and all of a sudden I was attacking a ferocious yellow alien (that's uber hard to kill) and then all of a sudden my xbox started to spazz out from my spazzing out at the ferocious yellow alien. Ever since then my xbox has been broken. The disk tray went wild. I guess my xbox had enough of the yellow alien. Unfortunately, I would still like to play against the mass amount of aliens and save the human world. So if you have any suggestions as to why my xbox is being so unfair please tell me! Much appreciated! If you have no clue why (like me) you can giggle about my unfortunate dilemma.

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