Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ah Perspective

So perspective is something I certainly lack. Thus, I devoted today to perspective. Yay! Did I happen to get any better? Well... I think so. I still have loads to learn, but I sure did learn a lot. Now my pictures will make more sense. Ah drawing straight lines is a challenge... even with a ruler!
So this is suppose to be my refrigerator... It didn't turn out too well, but at least everything is in perspective. Besides the fact that it is sooo skinny. It's okay though. A skinny refrigerator will help me not over indulge in food. I mean... did you ever say "there's nothing to eat" when in fact, the fridge is packed? Well, I say that all the time. Maybe a skinner fridge will help me appreciate the food that was once in my fat fridge. [;

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